IVF, Here's What You Need to Know

IVF is a procedure that is performed to help the pregnancy process for couples who have fertility disorders. Usually this procedure is done if fertility problems are not resolved or the cause is unknown. Under normal circumstances, each menstrual cycle, the mature egg cells will be released from the ovary (ovulation process) to be fertilized by sperm in the fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes), then stick to the uterine wall. Or if it is not fertilized, it will still run into the uterus and shed along the uterine wall into menstrual blood. IVF is an assisted pregnancy program that is carried out by combining eggs and sperm outside the body. After merging, the fertilized egg (embryo) will be placed back in the uterus. IVF Indications The following conditions can be considered for IVF procedures, including: The fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes) are blocked or damaged, making it difficult for the fertilized egg or embryo to reach the uterus.Have a history of removal or sterilization of…
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